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The 5 Major Reasons Shopify Ecommerce Stores Fail

The 5 Major Reasons Shopify Ecommerce Stores Fail

  • Frank Kunc

Poor Design

A functional and well-presented design is necessary for any e-commerce business. stressedAn ideal retail website should be designed with the sensibilities of the customer in mind. This includes clear images of your products, brief yet informative descriptions, and keen attention to detail. Conversely, a poor design scheme can turn away potential customers, either through confusion or dissatisfaction. 


Outdated and Non Trending Products

The primary goal of a retailer is to sell products. Thus, products that simply cannot sell are a fundamental detriment to the success of any e-commerce store. As the pace of global communication increases every year, we experience a higher frequency of flash-in-the-pan fads and trends. As the attention span of the average consumer decreases, so will the span of public enthusiasm for these trending items. 

No Call to Action (Pointing to Sales)

As we have explored previously, the retailer has one goal: to sell products. Often, this requires a retailer to point their customers in the right direction. Every action available to the customer should point them in the direction of buying your product. A “call to action”, or CTA, is a direct link incentivizing customers to buy (e.g. A clickable button reading “Buy Now”). They are designed to create a sense of urgency within the customer, prompting them to make a purchase when they may otherwise would not have. If a website is difficult to navigate or otherwise lacks a prominent CTA, the retailer’s sales figures will suffer.

Lame Content (Images, Etc)

A business website success lies in its efficiency. Unnecessary images or other flair may otherwise deter shoppers from your website. Avoid overloading your page with imagery and other unnecessary flair. In no way does complexity correlate with profitability. A simple, minimalist design provides a less distracting viewing experience for any potential buyer. Additionally, a simpler website design can improve load times and offer your clientele a much easier buying experience. 

Hidden Fees

Though hidden fees may seem like an easy way to secure extra income, they can be detrimental to a retailer’s long term success. Customers often turn away at check out if they find that a service charge, like a delivery fee, is unreasonably high. The boom in e-commerce has allowed customers more choices than ever before in what businesses they choose. By being upfront about all prices and fees, a retailer can establish goodwill with his or her customer base, setting themselves apart from their competition. 

Lack of Big Screen, Small Screen compatibility 

As mobile devices become a more common medium for online shoppers, e-commerce businesses need to ensure that their websites are compatible with these devices. A site that is not mobile-responsive will undoubtedly lose customers. 40 percent of customers have cited a lack of mobile compatibility as their reason to shop at a competitor’s website. As smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing computers as the primary medium for consumers, it is imperative for a retailer to make their website accessible to all sets of devices. 


Dropship Movement’s turnkey website provides a solution to all of these problems. We custom design all of our websites to fit the goals of our clientele. This includes creating a well-designed custom page with clear images and descriptions of your products. We source all of our products to determine that you sell only the most profitable items on the market. We ensure that all of our websites provide clear CTA when necessary, and will ensure that your online business is run efficiently. We do not overload our websites with unnecessary content, ensuring your online business is as easy to navigate as possible. All of our costs are upfront and available to any potential clientele. Finally, we design our websites so that they are fully functional on mobile devices. 

The world of e-commerce can appear challenging and sometimes intimidating. It is not unwise to have a partner to help you through it all. At Dropship Movement, our priority is be that partner to help you find your way in the competitive world of online retail.

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