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Our goal at Dropship Movement is to take the guesswork out of website development.  creating stunning websites. Having developed hundreds of custom e-commerce stores to date, we have the experience and know-how to ensure that your product will sell immediately. Our relationships with web developers give us the upper hand in sourcing premium themes and creating shopify storefronts that stand out and look like none other. We have over 10 years of experience in marketing our services on various forums, websites, and various other media. This year (2019), we have chosen to take it to the next level and sell our services for a percentage of what our custom websites are worth. Our elite team of web developers are always on the cutting edge of new technology, ideas, and methodologies. At Dropship Movement, we are confident that our passion for innovation gives our customers an upper hand over their competitors. During the past two years of our business, we have shifted gears to cater exclusively to the dropshipping clientele. Since this move, we have dominated the market in creating the most elite dropshipping storefronts. Our custom designed websites are built to emphasize both aesthetics and functionality, matching stunning images with responsive support and carefully sourced products.