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Purchase Agreement:


Once the purchase has been made, we can no longer offer any refunds. This is due to the nature of the product, as it is a digital service. We do, however, guarantee you will receive the website you have purchased.

Once the purchase has been made, we will send you our welcome email. This helps us to gather the information that our team needs in order to get started. Our team strives to achieve a turnaround time of 24 hours or less. Though this turnaround time is not guaranteed, most of the time we are able to deliver our websites within this window.

Your success with sales depends on how you market your website. We will provide you with a framework designed to set you apart from your competition. Although many have success with dropshipping and online sales, there is no guarantee you are going to make a certain amount of money. We cannot guarantee your success. That is up to the individual who purchases the website.

All websites are one off custom websites, and are therefore sold as is. We encourage that you check out the demo site that we provide. Your website will turn out similar to the demo we provide. Each website is crafted uniquely, and therefore we cannot give an exact idea of what your website will look like.

We work with both shopify (our ecommerce platform) and wholesale2b (wholesale supplier). We supply a free trial of each platform in order to give you a head start. We require that each customer signs up using our links provided in the welcome email. We do not currently use accounts already registered or registered using others links. You will need to enter your credit card information into the shopify account only in order for our team to get started. We then link the wholesale2b account to your shopify account.

Earnings Disclaimer: There is no guarantee from us that you will earn money or generate income from the website we develop. We simply provide a service that gets the website fully set up for each customer. It is then up to the customer to market the website in order to generate sales. At this time, we do not offer a marketing service. Rather, we spend our time dedicated to making professional, unique online storefronts that set you apart from the competition. Many factors come into play when marketing a website. There is no guarantee that we give that you will earn any money using our service. Again, this is up to the individual who purchases this website in order to put the effort into marketing themselves.