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Fully Turnkey home and garden Shopify dropshipping storefront. At Dropship Movement, we take all of the guesswork out of building a stunning shopify dropshipping store. Let us handle all of the technical work, including sourcing premium themes, logo creation, product migration, domain propagation, and much more. All of our custom dropshipping stores are built and delivered within 24 hours of placing your order!

Why is dropshipping so lucrative? 

Dropshipping allows you run a successful commercial website from anywhere in the world! You never have to stock inventory, package, or ship out items. The best part is you never have to take the risk on a product that may not sell. All of our stores come pre stocked with anywhere from 500 to 2000 products. Unlike any other e-commerce design service on the market, we design robust, detailed megastores that will ensure that you stand out from the competition. 


What is the process?

  1. Take a look through our inventory and pick a niche that interests you. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, simply reach out via email or message. Let us know the niche you would like to work with and we most likely can make it happen.
  2. Place an order via our website. We will then ask for some information to help us get started. This typically takes no longer than ten minutes.
  3. We then will get to work on your website, ensuring that we can deliver it to you within 24 hours of your purchase.


What should I do when my website is available?

Once we transfer the domain and deliver your website, you have complete ownership of the site. We no longer have access to your account at that point and all of our design work is owned by you. Whether you grow your site to earn thousands or feel down the road you would like to flip it this is 100% up to you. We build these websites for our clients to have the freedom to build a business that best suits them. 

Don't waste valuable time trying to figure out how to put a shopify store together. Between finding a successful premium theme, setting up the website, designing a logo, sourcing products, product migration, photo sourcing, and domain propagation; someone with some to little experience may find themselves working weeks to craft a mediocre website. At Dropship Movement, we build these e-commerce storefronts day in and out. For an example of our work, check out a demo site built in the Outdoors niche to see what we are capable of. 


You can visit our demo website at: Eliteoutdoorshop.com


We are proud to partner with shopify. This means that we are a trusted company that works with shopify on a daily basis. Rest assured that you will receive the best support from our team!


How does the dropshipping process work?

Once a buyer places an order on your website, you simply go to your wholesale dashboard and place the order. This happens with a few clicks of the mouse, a very simple process. Based on what the product is priced at, you get to keep the difference in the sale price. For example, if a tent is listed on your website at $60 and your wholesale price is $40, you just made a profit of $20 for little to no work on your part! Your dropship supplier handles everything from stocking, packaging, and shipping the item for you!


What are the costs of a dropshipping website business?

Our price is set right now at a low price of only $199. Due to extremely high demand for our product, the price is not guaranteed to stay this low for much longer. For this reason we recommend that you act now and take advantage of this spectacular deal!

As with any website, hosting is required in order to keep your website live. We choose to use shopify as they handle payment processing, ssl certificates, and have a trustworthy and affordable platform for e-commerce. Your shopify fee is $29 a month, with a free trial provided for the first 14 days.

We choose to use a premium dropshipping service, which allows us to source products from the United States. This means quality products, fast shipping times, and no fishy business. This is a very small price to pay for not having to stock product, package, or ship anything yourself. Additionally, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to take the risk on purchasing products in bulk hoping they sell. Included for free with you purchase are or logo design service and free domain name. This is all included in our very low fee of $199!